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Business Operations

Office Buildings

With its extensive lineup of buildings, including properties developed as part of large projects that mobilized its sophisticated creativity and technologies, NTT Urban Development expands the horizons for business, with offices that provide the optimal working environment.

Commercial Properties

In developing commercial properties, NTT Urban Development emphasizes the local characteristics, with the aim of creating lively and appealing environments. We create appealing spaces that represent new forums for communication.

Residential Property Sales

The vision of NTT Urban Development is to create comfortable, safe and quality dwellings that maintain their asset value over the long term. We create living spaces that make possible superior lifestyles, and that can be passed on to the next generation.

Residential Rental Housing

NTT Urban Development manages residential rental housing that is conveniently located in areas within walking distance of the nearest stations. We provide comfortable dwellings geared to the lifestyles of our tenants.

Global Business

We have acquired our fourth office building in London, United Kingdom. We are steadily expanding our operations into global markets, as demonstrated by the launch of a residential land sales business in Australia.

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