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NTT Urban Development Group bases its CSR management on its CSR Basic Policy.

Positioning of Our CSR Basic Policy

Since its founding 1986, NTT Urban Development has consistently adopted a comprehensive approach to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. Seeking to take our CSR management to a new level, we have adopted a core policy and developed a CSR Basic Policy for the NTT Urban Development Group, which includes a public message and our CSR vision.

We created our CSR Basic Policy to incorporate the distinctive character of NTT Urban Development, reflecting the serious commitment to CSR management in our operations and clearly expressing our responses to social requirements and issues. We also sought to clarify the relationship with our existing corporate philosophy to facilitate adoption of the policy.

CSR Management Policy System

CSR Management Policy System

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NTT Urban Development CSR Basic Policy: “We create harmony.”
(revised in June 2009)

CSR Message

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As a member of the NTT Group, NTT Urban Development helps to create a sustainable society that offers comfortable lifestyles through quality real estate development that fosters harmony among people, living places and the environment.

CSR Themes

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Harmony between people and living places

  • We see residents, corporate tenants, and visitors as important partners. By maintaining sincere communications with each of our partners, we strive to achieve harmony and the creation of superior spaces for work and life.
  • We aim to develop residential spaces that offer safe and comfortable living, business spaces that offer convenience and functionality, and living spaces that bring work and life into harmony.

Harmony between living places and the environment

  • Through urban development with light environmental footprints, we seek to develop comfortable spaces that are compatible with their surrounds, and where people can be in touch with nature.

Harmony between employees and society

  • We respect the individuality of our employees, and seek to develop a lively workplace where they can enjoy success by trying new things without fear of failure.
  • Retaining our sense of gratitude and upholding a high level of ethics, we commit to honest business practices and seek to contribute in building an affluent society.

Harmony with stakeholders

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Through our leasing and residential property sales businesses, we interact with a diverse range of stakeholders. We have set out our vision in our CSR Basic Policy, and ensured that it is compatible with our management objectives, business characteristics and important stakeholder relationships. We aim to maintain positive relationships with each of our stakeholders.

Harmony with stakeholders

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