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Disaster Preparations: Disaster Response Office Initiative

NTT UD conducts "Disaster Response HQ Comprehensive Drills" led by the President to prepare for disasters such as large-scale earthquakes etc.
Disaster Response HQ Comprehensive Drills are simulated drills that aim to improve disaster-response capabilities. These drills enable the checking and identification of any issues with preparations made under normal conditions.
The focus is on initial responses taken just after disasters occur, such as setting up the HQ, collecting information and preventing secondary disasters etc. The drills are conducted on the assumption that unexpected contingencies may occur one after another.
Drill scenarios are not in any way shared in advance with participants.
The most recent drill was conducted based on a scenario that an earthquake occurred directly below the Tokyo metropolitan area at 8:00 pm after all Disaster Response HQ members had gone home. With fewer resources (personnel/materials/ time/information) available, each participant was required to use the set disaster response manual,cooperate with each other, and adapt to each moment while using their imagination.
When issues became apparent in the drill, measures were formulated to address the issue, and reflected in preparations made under normal conditions.

In this way, NTT UD will continue its efforts to protect clients and the local area/society, by engaging its Business Continuity Management (BCM) cycle.