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Outdoor Office Project - Shinagawa Season Terrace

When in-house meetings are held in different environments then, different ideas and different ways of communicating may emerge.

NTTUD wishes to provide clients with brand new values of "flashes of inspiration" and "eye opening experiences". With this thought in mind, the "Outdoor Office Project" was held at Shinagawa Season Terrace for a 2 day period (31 Oct to 1 Nov 2016). A meeting space was set-up in a plaza area juxtaposed with the building, and thrown-open for the use of tenants.

On each day, pre-booked tents were filled with the bustle of tenants, and some interaction between tenants and children from the neighborhood also took place

Meetings held in amongst the lush green and bathed in sunlight may have given rise to a sense of innovation & fun.

NTTUD will continuously challenge itself with various initiatives to create healthy and highly intellectually productive workplaces in future.