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How to use the IR site

The following is some tips for using the IR website:

Changing the font size

Please click on S, M, or L in the upper right corner to change the text size for the entire page. The default setting is M.

*We use cookies and JavaScript to change the font size. Please note that if you set your browser to disable cookies or JavaScript, you may not change the font size properly.

Use of RSS

We distribute new information and updates using RSS. If you use an RSS reader or an RSS-compatible browser, you can receive updates about our website promptly.

*RSS is a XML-base format that describes data such as headlines and summaries of websites. It is used primarily for delivering website updates. Many RSS readers and RSS-compatible browsers can be obtained for free.


Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Reader DC (Free-of-charge) distributed by Adobe Systems is necessary to view PDF files.Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader DC enables PDF files to be viewed/downloaded etc.

Windows Media Player

To read PDF files, you need Adobe Reader, which is available from Adobe Systems free of charge.

Recommended Environment

Windows XP/Vista:Internet Explorer 6 and over,Chrome
WindowsXP/Vista,Mac OS X:Firefox3 and over
Mac OS X:Safari 4 and over