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To Prospective Investors

UD Statement

Integrity and Innovation

We will contribute to sustainable urban development through our real estate services. What we value most is seeing the satisfaction of our customers and members of the wider public, and bringing smiles to their faces.

For this, we will pay close attention to the changing needs of our customers and society, and thoroughly understand our customers' perspectives. We make it a promise to continue our challenge of generating innovative services, where all of our management and employees will act with integrity and without fearing failure.

This challenge is fueled by a corporate culture conducive to all of our management and employees freely and proactively voicing opinions, where all of us may respect and value one another, and go about our jobs with a smile.

Action for Growth

Approaching its 30th anniversary as the real-estate arm of the NTT Group
Cumulative development area: more than 2 million m2

  • *Usage divisions are divided into one building per division
  • *Building area and leasable floor space is not equivalent
  • *The above is stated in total cumulative area

Strong Financial Position

Real estate latent profit such as from leasing is a scale of 600 billion yen

Highest Investment Rating

Creditworthiness of our company is among the top of companies of the same industry as well as other industries.

*As of 30 June, 2018

Strategy in the Future

Efforts to String Changes and Challenges of Japan's Society With Business Chances

Future Development Plans