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Shinagawa Season Terrace

A precinct linked to the world

Shinawaga Season Terrace Linking nature & human activity

Project Philosophy

Prosperous since olden days as a rest station, Shinagawa developed as a key transport hub.

The "Shibaura water recycling zone" located in the east was a zone given priority for redevelopment and defined in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government`s town planning guidelines (2007), which considered the environment.

A large-scale private-public joint development project is underway between four private companies and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government that utilizes a vertical city urban plan.

"Ecological Infrastructure": A new sustainable city infrastructure

Central to the plan is how resource and energy conservation is paramount to achieving the formation of a new city. Light/wind/ water/greenery/human activities, and ecological systems are linked to build a sustainable city infrastructure platform called: "Ecological Infrastructure".
Shinagawa will continue to develop as a site suited to international business: a "precict" that looks to coninually develop...

The "precinct" that Shinagawa Season Terrace aims to be

The Shibaura Water Recycling Center District (managed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks Bureau) began operating in 1931. The facility has supported city activities and the lives of the citizens of Tokyo for over 80 years .
Plans to update the aging facilities and to more effectively utilize their expansive upper spaces is a project of environmental coexistance: The "Shinagawa Season Terrace" (Shibaura Water Recycling Center rebuild project: upper space utilization)
"Environment Considerations", and "Safety/Security" are key themes which are linked by smiling faces to the "precinct" we aim to become.

Shinagawa Season Terrace
  1. Construction of Multi-Use Buildings

    The upper levels of the water recycle centre site were effectively utilised in a combined construction process of the multi-purpose building.
    Solidifying Business & Community Foundations

  2. Construction of rain-water storage reservoir

    A rain-water storage reservoir has been constructed below the water recycling center.
    Initial rainfall during heavy downfalls will be temporarily stored to ensure that contaminated rainwater does not flow directly into the ocean.

  3. Construction of Open Spaces

    The upper sections of the water recyling facility are built with large, open spaces that have been prepared with greenery and a waterscape that aims to harmonize with the surrounding environment.
    There will be no halt to the operations of existing city facilities. The creation of this urban oasis will put smiles on the faces of many people.

Creating Our Precinct

The combination of local infrastructure and the surrounding environment leads to creation of a precinct with a loop of linkages: "business", "community", "eco-infrastructure" and "water recycling".

1. Business

Office floor: Largest domestic scale offered. Approximately 4,970 m2 (approximately 1,503 Tsubo)
Office productivity is enhanced by a high degree of freedom with layout: 2,900 mm ceiling height, 130 mm free-access floors and 500 kg/m2 floor load (heavy-duty zones of 700 kg/m2).

In addition, a conference zone that can be used for a variety of events.
Service facilities that support the daily lives of office workers. Wide variety of eating and drinking establishments that cater to lunch and entertaining clients and a range of corporate situations.
Greenery inspired tranquility.

Possible to ensure rounded workstyles that leads to success in businesses with office workers.

2. Community

Broad green spaces build a network of surrounding eco-systems.
The green space doesn't just act as an airway that contributes to suppressing temperature rises in the city but can be put to a variety of recreational uses and for interaction between people. The grassy plaza and canals are verdant and provide a sense of tranquility.
The row of cherry blossom trees and autumn colors etc. provide an ample setting to enjoy changes of the seasons.
The space is provided for the relaxation of not only office workers, but for everyone in the area.

*Canal: Artificial waterway built in a park etc.

3. Ecological infrastructure

Facilites are fully appointed that are both comfortable and conserve energy.
The Sky Void (atrium) effectively utilizes natural energy etc. by capturing natural light and breezes *1,
and Night Purge, which utilizes cool outside air *2.
Facilities are appointed with outstanding energy efficient facilities: LED lighting and Low-E multilayered glass, movement detectors etc.
CO2 reduction effects are demonstrated by maintaining a high-degree of environment performance achieved from the Building/Energy Management system BEMS).

  1. *1:Sky Void: An open air space/atrium that allows the building to capture natural energy
  2. *2:Night Purge: A method for reducing the load on air-conditioning equipment the next day by discharging to the outside residual building heat (allows outside air to flow inside, while discharging air inside the rooms) that has accumulated during the day, when cooling the building during the summer months.

4. Water recycling

Recycled water is used for a variety of purposes: cleaning water, or watering outside plants.
Also, processed water is utilized as air-conditioner heat-source water, and plays a part in measures against the heat-island phenomenon in the city center.

5. Safe and secure

The building can handle lengthy earthqake movements, which ensures a high degree of safety and is equipped with Japan`s largest seismic isolation base units.
The property is also equipped with emergency generators that can operate for up to 72 hours, and 550,000 liters of water for daily living (drinking water and general service water to support the BCP* Policy Response of tenant busineses
Also, we ensure space for people who are unable to return home during a disaster, to remain safely until they are able to return home.
Contributes to the region as place offering peace, and ensures the safety of people.

*BCP: Business Continuity Plan