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Client information

Thank for you using the official website of NTT Urban Development at ("NTTUD website").This website is managed and operated by NTT Urban Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter `NTTUD`).

The NTTUD official website is operated as a service to provide information to our clients.When using the NTTUD website, clients may be asked to provide personal information on some pages (inquiry forms, questionnaires, etc.).The items of personal information requested are chiefly those required to provide services: name, e-mail address, telephone number and address.In some cases information is requested from clients but excluding situations where information is required, information is provided on a voluntarily basis as seen fit by the client.Please note: Information provided by clients will not be amended by MTTUD without the consent of the client..
Please also note that, depending on the NTTUD website services type, third parties may be notified of client information. Prior understanding of this is appreciated.(For example, client names and addresses may be supplied to companies contracted to provide delivery services).

Personal information held on an individual will be disclosed to that individual upon request by the individual themselves.
The above policy may be amended by NTTUD.In such cases, all changes will be notified on this website.


In order to make this website more useful for clients, cookies may be sent to users' computers from some pages. Please note that these cookies do not reveal any personal information concerning clients nor do they have any negative effects on users' computers.
Cookies may be disabled using your Internet browser settings, and disablement will not create obstacles to viewing this website.

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